"I have worked for and with Mike on and off for the best part of 17 years.

During that time I have seen him take on and succeed in many roles, and in every case I can think of he has been a vital link in the delivery of a project or the success of a company.

As an engineer, he is as good as they come, able to pick up or define a requirement, and then make intelligent choices on the best technologies and tools (even those unfamiliar to him) to in the first instance win a job, and then to deliver that solution within a given timeframe, budget, and always on quality, and he has that rare ability to do this across hardware and software domains.

As a team leader, project manager and company director he also has exceptional talents. From personal experience working directly for Mike, he is a discerning and shrewd leader, able to provide a clear path for a team, and to then enable that team to execute their tasks in the most efficient manner, and to get the best out of people.

On the other side of leading a team or company i.e. the customer interface, he is exceptionally good at building highly functional, trusting relationships with customers internal and external, and I can sight a couple of high pressure situations where lesser relationships would break down where Mike’s coolness under pressure and ability to reassure a customer has seen the project through to a successful conclusion.

Mike is a genuine top tier performer who would enhance any team, or if you are looking for an technically exceptional, trustworthy and reliable sub-contractor or consultant then you will struggle to find a better option."
David Clark

Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified TestStand Developer

"Vadis designed and developed the ATE control software required to support our new high volume automated testing hardware used to test miniaturized transceivers. Without the assistance and technical expertise provided by Vadis, it would simply not have been possible to produce this automated test system – Thanks Vadis."

"Mike has been professional and helpful, answering queries and going above and beyond to solve problems. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending Vadis for any LabVIEW development work. First class service."
Sheena Hunt

Tecan Ltd

"Vadis supplies a first class service and does not hesitate on taking a lead in suppling solutions to complex issues."

"Vadis provided us with a very swift and flexible response. Mike's depth of knowledge led to a much quicker resolution than I had expected. Very pleased."
Malcolm Bebb

Honeywell Analytics

"Vadis exceeded all our expectations, undoubtedly one of the very best to ensure the successful conclusion of complex projects. Delivering highly innovative, robust solutions for both software and hardware challenges. Fast thinking and fast results of a standard to be admired. And a great pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with Vadis again in the future."